Nearly half of nonresidential construction projects now delivered by design-build

‘Alternative’ method now mainstream for nonresidential, highway/street, and water/wastewater construction projects.

June 29, 2018 |

New research by FMI shows that nearly half of non-residential construction projects are being delivered by the design-build method.

Design-build is the fastest growing and most popular method to deliver nonresidential, highway/street, and water/wastewater construction projects in America. Among the key findings of the new research are:

— Design-build is anticipated to account for 44% of construction spending in the assessed segments (nonresidential, highway/street and water/wastewater) delivering $1.2 trillion in construction put in place by 2021.

— Design-build spending is anticipated to grow 18% overall, with the highway/street and water/wastewater sectors seeing 30% growth by 2021.

— Design-build spending in Manufacturing (16%), Highway/Street (14%), and Educational (15%) represent the greatest percentage of design-build construction spending by segment from 2018-2021.

— Experience with design-build was rated highest across all project delivery methods, with 76% of survey respondents reporting very good and excellent experiences.

— Opportunities to innovate and the ability to fast track a project were identified as top benefits associated with design-build.

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