National Association of Governors adopts AIA policy of reaching carbon neutrality in buildings by 2030

July 20, 2009 |

As part of their comprehensive national Energy Conservation and Improved Energy Efficiency policy, the National Association of Governors (NGA) has adopted the promotion of carbon neutral new and renovated buildings by 2030 as outlined by the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Governor Chris Gregoire (D) from Washington proposed the change to NGA’s policy as she recently signed carbon neutral legislation in Washington that was proposed by AIA Washington (based on AIA National’s model legislation). AIA WA was able to get a version of it adopted in their state. That state’s governor then took that concept and convinced her colleagues in all 50 states to encourage each other to do the same.


“This is a phenomenal development and we applaud the vision of the NGA for ensuring that provisions related to the built environment are included in their energy policy,” said AIA Executive Vice President / CEO, Christine McEntee. “This also opens the door for the AIA to promote the recently announced International Green Construction Code initiative to all 50 states and their governors as a partial solution to help reach our goal of carbon neutral buildings by 2030.”


“The nation’s governors are committed to maximizing energy conservation and improved energy efficiency,” said Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire. “By adopting the AIA goal of carbon neutral buildings, we have outlined an energy policy that can have far reaching impacts.  We can reduce the environmental consequences of greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the operating costs of business and industries nationwide and create thousands of green-collar jobs to compete in a clean-energy economy."


This adoption by the nation’s governors follows the U.S. Conference of Mayors unanimous adoption of AIA’s carbon neutral building policy in 2006 and the National Association of Counties announcing their support for the policy in 2007.


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