Must see: If music were architecture in 27 illustrations

Graphic designer Federico Babina's whimsically interprets musical styles into architecture.

June 18, 2014 |

After his series of painters as architects, graphic designer Federico Babina comes back with a collection of illustrations called "Archimusic," an interpretation of songs from famous musicians into architecture form.

From Björk to Bach, Babina visualizes how these sounds will look like if they were visible in the form of a building.

Babina told Archdaily“Music and architecture are intimately joined by a cosmic connection. They both are generated by an underlying code, an order revealed by mathematics and geometry. [...] in these images architecture and music share a clear cultural lineage. The color and the different nuances of music shape the forms and volumes. Reading horizontally gives some basic melodic lines, while reading vertically reveals both harmony and dissonance. A building like an harmonic progression following the movement of chords. A spatial progression that is equivalent to the harmonic progression through chords. Generate a rhythm of solids and voids to reproduce the sequences of notes and silences.”

Take a closer look at the Archimusic collection:

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