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Mitsubishi unveils ultra-high-speed elevator for Shanghai skyscraper

The operation of the elevator is scheduled to begin in 2014.

April 02, 2012 |
Mitsubishi Electric newly developed a control cable that is 20% lighter than the

Mitsubishi Electric Corp announced the overview of its ultra-high-speed elevator developed for the 632-meter Shanghai Tower under construction in Shanghai, China.

For the traction motor of the elevator, Mitsubishi Electric employed a parallel drive system that uses two three-phase winding coils for each motor and controls the two three-phases with two control panels. By using two compact control panels, the company enabled to design the layout of a machinery room more freely while increasing output power. The operation of the elevator is scheduled to begin in 2014.

To realize the world's fastest speed of 1,080 m per minute, Mitsubishi Electric used new technologies for higher safety, lifting height and comfort as well as for the motor for the winch. Specifically, to enhance safety, the company employed a two-tiered brake (the company's former product has a one-tiered brake) for emergency stop and used fine ceramic with a heat resistance of up to about 1,000°C for the brake shoe.

The buffer (shock absorber) at the bottom of the elevator shaft is comprised of three tiers (the former product has a one-tiered butter) and has a stroke of 7.3 meters, which is about 30% shorter than the stroke of the former product's buffer.

For the "sfleX-rope," a rope for the winch, Mitsubishi Electric employed a new structure so that it can hold a greater weight of a longer rope. The company improved the density of the rope by using a concentric-layered steel wire and filled the gap between the layers with plastic.

As a result, the company increased breaking load by 85% while increasing mass per unit length only by 18%. The new rope is less extensible. So, when people get in the elevator, it does not shake vertically much.

This time, Mitsubishi Electric newly developed a control cable that is 20% lighter than the one used for the former product.

For the comfort, the new elevator is equipped with the "active roller guide," which detects vibration and applies anti-phase vibration to it so that the vibration of the car is reduced. While two units of the active roller guide are installed in the bottom of the former product, Mitsubishi Electric added two more to the upper side of the new elevator because a different type of vibration is applied to the new product when it is moving at an ultra-high speed. As a result, vibration was reduced to about 1/3 that of the former product.

Furthermore, the new elevator is equipped with a streamlined aerodynamic car cover that reduces air resistance as well as an air pressure control device consisting of an air blower, a duct and a box for switching between air intake and emission. As a result, rapid changes in atmospheric pressure can be prevented, reducing passengers' feeling of fullness in the ear. BD+C

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