Milliken Theory modular carpet

June 01, 2006 |

The 36x36-inch carpet tiles are available in eight different patterns and with a variety of features, including an antimicrobial coating and stain repellent. Milliken Theory is designed for installation without permanent adhesives. This allows easy removal and reinstallation of tiles.

Lance Simon, principal with Phoenix-FTA, recently specified Theory carpet tiles for his oldest client, International Finance Bank. The project includes 7,500 sf of executive offices for the company's headquarters in Miami.

Why Lance Simon specifies Milliken Theory:

"This carpet comes in a larger size than most modular tiles, reducing the time and cost of installation. Additionally, there are fewer seams, reducing the possibility of premature wear."

"You don't have to use it in the traditional quarter-turn installation. Patterns align from tile-to-tile."

"Theory is just one great example of Milliken's dedication to sustainability. Modular carpet tiles are already a good step because you don't have to throw away yards of carpet because of a spill or isolated damage. Milliken has developed TractionBack, an environmentally responsible, non-slip but non-rubber backing that performs exceptionally well in high-traffic areas."

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