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Metal Construction Assn. releases three EPD updates

Pertain to Metal Composite Materials, Insulated Metal Panels, and Roll Formed Aluminum and Steel Cladding.

July 14, 2020 |

Courtesy Pixabay

The Metal Construction Association (MCA) released three updated Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

The subjects of the updates are Metal Composite Materials (MCM), Insulated Metal Panels (IMP), and Roll Formed Aluminum and Steel Cladding. The three documents provide key data on the manufacturing and use of these products, and discuss the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and environmental impacts associated with the use of metal cladding in construction.

The EPD for Metal Composite Material Panels includes discussion of product manufacture and processing, in-use conditions, life cycle assessment results, and testing results and verifications. Information on performance standards in the areas of fire, system performance, and finishes are detailed.

The EPD for Insulated Metal Panels describes the history, manufacture, and use of IMP panels and systems, and investigates product lifespan from raw material supply, manufacturing, application, maintenance, performance standards, energy use, water use, demolition, and waste recovery or recycling.

The EPD for Roll Formed Aluminum and Steel Cladding for Roofs and Walls details the manufacturing process of roll forming metal materials into a finished product. The forming process, which can be accomplished either in line or in the field, is also discussed, as well as the products’ environmental aspects and impact.

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