Measuring whole building energy use among big changes in LEED v4

The prerequisite also requires energy use data to be shared with USGBC.

January 02, 2014 |

A new prerequisite in LEED v4 calls for each project to measure whole building energy use, and then share that data with USGBC. Other key changes in the latest version of LEED include:

• Two new prerequisites for building-level water metering and outdoor water use reduction.

• Demand response credit requires that the demand response system must be capable of being fully automated, but can be operated in a semi-automated way.

• Renewable energy production credit increases the number of points available for renewable energy.

• Advanced energy metering prerequisite requires a permanent metering system that records intervals of one hour or less, and the meter must transmit that data to a remote location.

• Under the new Building Product Disclosure and Optimization credit, LEED v4 awards points for construction projects that use at least 20 building products that have issued Environmental Product Declarations or Health Product Declarations.


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