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Louisville group plans to build world's largest disco ball

The sphere would more than double the size of the current record holder.

July 16, 2015 |
Louisville group plans on building world's largest disco ball

Photo: Bin im Garten, Wikimedia Commons

Louisville is home to many things: from Humana to Louisville Slugger, from Yum! Brands to Omega National Products.

The latter, an antique decor company, might sound obscure, but its top product is ubiquitous: ONP produces 90% of the nation's disco balls.

Despite Louisville’s domination of the market, the city isn’t home to the world’s largest disco ball. The 33-foot orb confirmed as the world’s largest last fall resides in England.

Louisvillians aren’t content with that. Insider Louisville reports that a small group with a website called “World’s Largest Disco Ball Y’all” are planning to build a 67-foot disco ball that will be kept in the city.

The jump from a 33-foot ball to a 67-foot one will be a massive undertaking. A major factor will be the disco ball’s weight, as even previous record holders required multiple cranes to suspend them.

The group is also trying to drum up community engagement and find a place to unveil the disco ball and display it permanently.

The plan for the ball has been in motion since earlier this year, and the group has a 16-member board with people with background in various fields (like engineering, nonprofit development, and marketing) needed to get this job done.

A fundraiser is planned for August 15, where a target goal of $10,000 will facilitate the construction of an 11-foot prototype, called Kentucky’s Largest Disco Ball.

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