LED lighting helps cities receive Energy Star designation

Los Angeles’s LED program instrumental in its top efficiency ranking

May 08, 2014 |
Photo: Thomas Pintaric via Wikimedia Commons

Thanks largely to an ambitious program to boost the use of LED lighting in its buildings, Los Angeles is the top ranked U.S. city on the Environmental Protection Agency’s annual list of U.S. cities that are doing the most to improve energy efficiency.

Los Angeles took on the world’s largest LED lighting efficiency and energy savings project five years ago, and is saving millions on electricity as a result.      

Buildings that perform in the top 25% of similar structures in the United States are eligible for the Energy Star designation. Building owners/managers need to verify that level of performance independently. Energy Star buildings typically use an average of 35% less energy than those like them, along with a corresponding reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

Commercial, institutional, and government buildings can earn Energy Star recognition. Many of the Energy Star buildings have undergone LED lighting retrofits or installed smart meters and dashboards that track energy usage.

For example, Mercy Philadelphia Hospital installed LEDs in all of its exit signs, along with sensors, timers, photo light controls and motion detectors. The hospital reduced electric consumption to about 9.86 million kilowatt-hours (kWhs) in 2013, compared with 10.2 million kWhs in 2012. The resulting savings is about $20,534 per year.


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