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JLL: Can you recognize these major cities?

Clues help players name eight metropolises in The Global Cities Quiz

August 26, 2015 |

Photo: One of the cities in JLL's quiz, Bobokine/Wikimedia Commons

How skilled are you at identifying major cities from across the globe?

JLL made a simple interactive quiz to find out. Players need to name eight cites from three sets of clues for each. First, a label-less map of the cities' boundaries, rivers and airports is shown. Then, a helpful bit of local real estate trivia is revealed. Lastly, a photo of the skyline flashed.

Answering after the first clue is worth three points, after the second is two, and a correct answer after the final clue gets one point. Players can score a maximum of 24 points. For more information about world cities, visit JLL's Cities Research Center.

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