With its 'stacked volumes' scheme, 3XN wins bid to design high-rise in Sydney

The project represents the first major building by a Danish architect in Sydney since Jørn Utzon designed the landmark Opera House in 1973.

September 30, 2014 |
The 200-meter mixed-use high-rise will be located near Jrn Utzon's iconic Opera

Danish-based architect 3XN announced that it has won the commission to design Quay Quarter Tower at 50 Bridge Street, a 200-meter mixed-use high-rise near the city's iconic Opera House. 

The project represents the first major project designed by a Danish architect in Sydney since Jørn Utzon designed the landmark Opera House in 1973.

The tower comprises a series of shifting glass volumes stacked upon each other. By dividing the building into five separate volumes and placing atria throughout each volume, the spaces become smaller, more intimate social environments, encouraging building occupants to connect and interact.  

Rather than face directly into the adjacent building at 33 Alfred Street, the lower levels of the tower are angled west to capture the energy and movement from the surrounding neighborhood. As the building rises, the northern façade shifts to the east enhancing the views.  



Rotating the tower also creates a collection of exterior terraces that are directly linked to the multi-level interior atria, which will contain shared amenity spaces for tenants in each block.  These common amenity spaces provide stunning views both vertically and horizontally and bring daylight deep into workspaces while promoting collaboration and interaction.

“This project looks at the high rise in an entirely new way, from both the inside out and outside in,” said Kim Herforth Nielsen, Founding Partner and Creative Director of 3XN. “Its dynamic, shifted massing maximizes views for all of the building’s users while also creating expansive open spaces that encourage the possibility for interaction, knowledge sharing and vertical connectivity.”

The firm teamed with Arup to design the building for developer AMP Capital.


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