Illustrations capture essence of Aalto, Ando, Hadid, Foster, and other famous architects [slideshow]

The illustrations are Federico Babina's abstract interpretations of the styles of famous architects, from Frank Lloyd Wright to Bjarke Ingels.

January 15, 2015 |

In a departure from his series of detailed, structural illustrations, but not from the underlying theme of architecture and design, Federico Babina has completed a new set of images called ArchiShape. The 25 illustrations are Babina's abstract interpretations of the styles of famous architects. 

On the illustrations, which include architects from Norman Foster to Zaha Hadid, Babina told ArchDaily: “The architecture is a set of shapes that draw volumes and voids which sequence generates functions and meanings. These illustrations are one of the possible ways to watch, observe and describe architecture…in these pictures you can read architectural references or simply let your mind get lost between the lines and colors for more imaginative interpretations.” 

Check out the series below. All images courtesy Federico Babina.


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