How-to guide to renovating shopping centers available

E.U. research project focuses on energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

September 25, 2017 |
A shopping center during Christmas

A new how-to guide on renovating shopping centers has been released by CommONEnergy, a research project funded by the European Union.

The guide contains strategies and solutions to retrofit existing shopping centers to increase energy efficiency and occupant comfort. The guide addresses the peculiarities of shopping centers including variations in functions, typologies, forms, and size.

The guide provides analysis of shopping centers’ features and drivers for renovation,

CommONEnergy guidelines. The document discusses modeling and tools developed by the project, focusing in particular on the several technology measures enabling factors such as greenery integration, multifunctional coating, demand-response approach for refrigeration, and more.

The tools include the Economic Assessment Tool and the Integrated Design Process Library. The guide is available for download here.

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