How the Bank of San Antonio achieved comfort and efficiency in their new office building

Since project completion, the VRF system has provided precise comfort control for the building’s occupants. 

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May 04, 2018 |
Bank of San Antonio’s new 56,000-sqare-foot office building.

Bank of San Antonio’s new 56,000-sqare-foot office building.

The Bank of San Antonio’s reputation for strong relationships and quality service has led to exponential growth. In 2015, they broke ground on a 56,000-square-foot office building to accommodate an increasing number of customers and employees. Their HVAC system requirements included energy efficiency as well as high-quality comfort control. They learned that Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating could help them achieve those goals.

Tom Moreno, Executive Vice President of Operations and Technology for Bank of San Antonio, served as the liaison for the bank and oversaw the project. He knew it would be a challenge to find an HVAC system that would meet everyone’s needs. “We were looking for a system that was energy efficient but that could also provide comfort and produce the temperatures that we needed throughout the organization.” Moreno and his team originally planned to install traditional HVAC technology, but with the assistance of local HVAC contractor, Flo-Aire Service Inc., and engineering consultant, Cleary Zimmermann Engineers, they decided to consider VRF.

Moreno discovered that VRF’s ability to zone would allow the bank to offer comfort to every person in the building. “We needed control in the offices, conference rooms, lobby area and other communal spaces in the building. We needed to be able to manage the fluctuation of people.”

Upon a recommendation from their distributor, Moreno selected a Mitsubishi Electric system over a competitive system. Eddie McDuff, vice president Flo-Aire said, “Being the first in the industry, [Mitsubishi Electric] worked out the kinks with their systems, and we really like their products.   They’re easy to install and start up, and they also offer a good warranty.  We’ve had really good success with them.”


A CITY MULTI® VRF system keeps building occupants comfortable while maintaining impressive energy efficiency.


Since project completion, the VRF system has provided precise comfort control for the building’s occupants. Moreno said, “We like the flexibility and being able to set standardized temperatures throughout the organization. We can lock specific thermostats to control cost, but we can also unlock some thermostats when clients come into conference rooms.”

The VRF system not only keeps the employees comfortable, but it also keeps the bank’s technology safe, and most importantly, cool. Moreno said, “They installed wall hung units in the information technology equipment office, which is essential to operation of the organization. They can’t overheat.”

Moreno commented that the system accomplished the one true goal for the bank – comfort everywhere, at any time. “We’ve liked how we can set the temperature an hour before guests walk in during an event and immediately they can be comfortable. It has been easy to manage and helps us make sure the folks here are comfortable.”

The Bank of San Antonio’s new office space, complete with Mitsubishi Electric VRF, has been a success. Moreno said, “Our clients should get good service, and ensuring that our team is comfortable allows us to fulfill our promise to our clients that they will receive an exceptional experience.”


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