Home and building industry expert introduces new strategic B2B business model

DraperDNA first to offer unique balance between traditional fundamentals and innovation to leaders in the B2B building space

February 27, 2014 |

With over twenty-five years of experience in the building and home products industry, Shawn Draper introduces DraperDNA, a strategic new business model for helping B2B businesses challenge conventional thinking to drive sales. DraperDNA is the first of its kind to offer the distinctive balance between fundamentals and innovation by implementing a totally new approach and doing things differently to ensure exciting successes for forward thinking brands.

Specifically, three things set DraperDNA apart. First, and most importantly, its team of people. By creating a team of the best home building, construction, and B2B business development, sales, marketing, and publishing experts in the industry, DraperDNA leads the category of innovative ideas and victories. 

“Many of the industries’ most talented, experienced, and innovative people are excited at the prospect of working together in a collaborative capacity, to challenge the conventional thinking of our business industry and that of our clients. There is a better way to do things and we intend to demonstrate it," explains Draper, lead strategist.

The second focus that sets Draper and team apart is their understanding of how important strategic marketing is as a sales tool. Knowing each client has unique business goals; DraperDNA employs a three-tiered approach to all marketing communications tactics by assessing what defines their Audience DNA, Brand DNA and Corporate DNA.

“I have witnessed traditional agencies create expensive campaigns to support building social media communities, or advertising campaigns, for example, without consideration of how many more products or services they buy from the client,” says Shawn. “From day one, DraperDNA is focused on driving sales through every appropriate marketing channel.”

Its ongoing commitment to applying the Lean business principles is the third item that makes this team unique. In doing so, DraperDNA is continually creating more value for customers by leveraging fewer resources and simply optimizing in a thoughtful manner. Through applying the best assets to support each brand, the team creates processes that need less human effort, less space, less capital, and less time to make products and services at far less costs and with much fewer defects, compared to traditional business systems.

“Having experienced both Lean manufacturing and not so lean agencies, DraperDNA is committed to working with the lowest possible overhead and highest efficiency to deliver premium value to the client. This appears to be something new to the business development and marketing services industry, and we are eager to lead the way."

To speak with Shawn and team, learn more and stay up to date with industry trends, visit www.DraperDNA.com Follow them on Twitter @DraperDNA

About DraperDNA

Draper DNA is a B2B business development and integrated marketing team who uses Audience DNA to define, engage, and motivate your customers; Brand DNA to determine and articulate who you are and what makes you unique; and Corporate DNA to align the right products, price, channel, sales, marketing, and services to generate revenue and profit. Learn more at www.DraperDNA.com

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