High-rise concept uses 'sky street' to link towers [slideshow]

UNIT's design brings a new typology to the language of urban design.

August 26, 2014 |
Local architects design a Sky Street for Shenzhen Bay City competition

Shenzhen-based firm UNIT plans to bring to life something that has only existed in episodes of The Jetsons: a so-called sky street (sans the Googie design).

DesignBoom revealed UNIT’s plans for a new complex in Shenzhen’s bay area, which consists of highly reflective glass towers, expansive garden space, and a horizontal glass structure that connects all the buildings together, which the firm dubs the “sky street.”

“This new urban typology, the sky street, reproduces the qualities and infinite possibilities of the typical street,” UNIT partner Moyang Yang tells DesignBoom. “[A] central alley, variety of programs, human scale, and freedom of plan and section planning allows us to have a new layer of street, which makes possible a new range of activities impossible in the typical tower.”

More on the firm’s project can be found at DesignBoom or the firm’s website.


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