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The Guggenheim Helsinki has one final chance to become a reality

The museum’s fate will be decided with a final vote on a new proposal.

November 17, 2016 |

Rendering courtesy of Moreau Kusunoki Architectes / Guggenheim Helsinki.

Following in the footsteps of Richard Pryor before it, the Guggenheim Helsinki is exclaiming, “I ain’t dead yet!” as it faces its final shot at becoming a reality. Earlier this year, the museum was thought to be officially dead after the Finnish government vetoed plans and eliminated much of its funding.

But, as reports, a new proposal prepared by the City government and the museum’s support foundation will be presented to and voted on by the City for a final vote determining once and for all whether the museum will be built or not.

The new proposal has the City of Helsinki financing the majority of the costs with the rest coming from the Supporting Foundation and private sources. If the vote passes and the museum is built, Helsinki would be the principal owner.

While not a guarantee, analyses suggest the museum would increase tourism and bring in a large sum of money for the city.

The design for the museum comes from Moreau Kusunoki Architectes, who won a massive design competition for the opportunity to design the building.

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