Group focused on using AI for construction safety gains key members

Major contractors join partnership to share data to predict hazards, incidents.

November 07, 2019 |

Courtesy Pixabay

Five notable firms have joined a construction industry group aiming to use artificial intelligence to predict hazards and conditions that lead to safety incidents at construction sites.

Skanska USA, Skanska Sweden, Webcor Builders, Obayashi, and concrete contractor Lithko Contracting have joined the Predictive Analytics Strategic Council. That group was launched earlier this year to share and analyze safety data.

The group uses an artificial intelligence-based system, called Vinnie, from image-analysis firm that aggregates information from each firm to predict incidents and hazards. The council’s founding members were Suffolk, Barton Malow, DPR Construction, JE Dunn, Messer Construction Co., Mortenson, Shawmut Design and Construction, the Bouygues Group, and insurance broker Aon.

A and Suffolk study showed that Vinnie learned to predict roughly one in five safety incidents with 81% accuracy. The goal of the group is to more accurately identify safety hazards before they cause incidents by analyzing data from all participants.

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