Green Building Initiative acquires global rights to Green Globes from JLL

Transaction allows GBI to expand operations to Canada and elsewhere.

January 17, 2018 |

The Green Building Initiative (GBI) recently completed acquisition of the global rights to Green Globes.

The acquisition, from JLL, allows GBI to expand operations to Canada and elsewhere. GBI has established a Canadian non-profit subsidiary—GB Initiative Canada—to support its growth in the Canadian marketplace.

“As a nonprofit, GBI is in a better position to grow the sustainability movement as the sole owner and promoter of Green Globes, and we have every confidence in GBI’s ability to do so,” stated Bob Best, Executive Vice President of JLL. “We value Green Globes as a tool we use with our clients and property managers, and because of this acquisition, GBI can continue to grow Green Globes as a global assessment program.”

GBI has grown significantly over the last two years and has certified 1,594 buildings or almost 300 million sf of real estate since its founding in 2004.

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