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Georgia gives the go-ahead for tall mass timber construction

Standards review scheduled to be completed by July 2021.

July 15, 2020 |

Courtesy Pixabay

The Georgia Legislature passed a bill this year to allow tall mass timber structures to be built in the state. The governor recently signed the bill.

The next step: The state’s Department of Community Affairs will review the 2021 edition of the International Building Code to consider amending the state minimum standard codes to allow tall mass timber construction types. The agency will begin its review this summer, and complete its work by July 1, 2021.

Mass timber is assembled panels of wood that are six feet or more in at least one dimension. Most mass timber products are laminated assemblies with glue, nails, or dowels used to hold together individual members to form large panels strong enough to serve as structural building material.

Mass timber advocates say the material is less carbon-intensive to make than concrete and steel building material alternatives, and also sequesters carbon. A related bill under consideration would expand the state’s existing carbon sequestration registry to include building products and materials that can demonstrate carbon sequestration. This provides an opportunity for businesses and landowners to begin amassing carbon credits that could eventually be traded in carbon markets.

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