GBCI will certify underwriting standard for energy efficiency projects

Investor Ready Energy Efficiency (IREE) certification aims to boost confidence in predicted energy and financial savings.

February 22, 2018 |

Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) will administer certifications for commercial and multifamily projects pursuing the Investor Confidence Project’s (ICP) Investor Ready Energy Efficiency (IREE) certification.

Energy efficiency projects often face challenges because they are not prepared or packaged consistently, making it difficult to compare potential projects for investment decisions and track results. The IREE program is designed to increase confidence in the performance of building retrofits by providing a methodology to derive predicted energy and financial savings for building owners and investors.

ICP applies a standard method for engineering, documenting, evaluating, and implementing projects. The IREE certification system provides a roadmap to help projects and investors reduce transaction costs and engineering overhead through industry-accepted best practices.

ICP certification training is now available and provides the basic knowledge of ICP methodology, protocols and tools, and outlines how to develop projects to obtain IREE certification, according to a news release by GBCI and the Environmental Defense Fund.

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