GBCI launches credentialing maintenance program for current LEED APs

August 03, 2009 |

The Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) launched a credentialing maintenance program (CMP) for LEED APs and Green Associates, ensuring that LEED professional credentials will remain relevant and meaningful in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

“Since 2001, the LEED AP credential has been recognized as a mark of significant achievement, acknowledging that a candidate passed a rigorous test that assessed their knowledge of green building fundamentals as well as knowledge of practice in a chosen specialty,” said Peter Templeton, President, GBCI. “But knowledge doesn't stand still, and credential maintenance underscores a professional’s commitment to staying at the leading edge of green building science and practice.”

With the launch of LEED v3 in April 2009, GBCI put in place a number of changes and enhancements to the LEED professional credentialing program, including the introduction of the LEED Green Associate and realigning the specialties within the LEED AP program to better reflect market practice areas.

“More than 130,000 LEED APs obtained their credentials between 2001 and June 2009. CMP will ensure that those credential holders who tested under previous versions of LEED for New Construction, LEED for Commercial Interiors or LEED for Existing Buildings continue to demonstrate a level of knowledge that places them at the forefront of a constantly evolving green building marketplace,” said Beth Holst, Vice President of Credentialing for GBCI.

A number of activities qualify to earn LEED credential holders credit toward their credentialing maintenance. Those activities include continuing education as well as the practical application of LEED on projects and active participation in the green building community. A CMP Guide outlines CMP-eligible activities and the requirements for maintaining both the LEED AP and LEED Green Associate credentials. Later this year, GBCI will launch an online tool for registered CMP users to easily and seamlessly submit and track maintenance activities.

About GBCI

GBCI was created to administer certification and credentialing programs related to green building practice and to ensure that the LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) program continues to be developed in accordance with best practices for credentialing programs. To underscore this commitment, GBCI is undergoing the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accreditation process for personnel certification agencies complying with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard 17024. Early in 2009, GBCI assumed responsibility for administering the LEED certification program for the more than 20,000 commercial projects seeking third-party verification of compliance with the industry’s leading green building rating system.

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