Future-proofing BIM: A White Paper presented by Dell and BD+C

Creating a Robust Environment for Successful Building Information Modeling.

March 15, 2011 |

To benefit from new building design and construction technologies as well as novel project management approaches, leading AEC organizations of all sizes and scales are deploying building information modeling (BIM). While the benefits and methods of BIM systems are well accepted, there are important questions about the most suitable hardware and network environments for BIM. Effective transition approaches to upgrade workstations for BIM have been implemented by a growing number of AEC companies.
Leading experts in BIM technology and application have demonstrated how high performance graphics workstations (HPGWs) can be used to enhance productivity, IT life cycle, and full project integration. Experience from AEC firm managers and IT leaders – BIM managers – from small- and medium-sized organizations have shown how successful BIM hardware adoption can be achieved. Their conclusions are relevant to AEC firms of all sizes.
The White Paper presents the comparative benefits of various kinds of hardware specification, with some guidance on the proper selection and specification of BIM workstations. Compatibility with existing standards, such as software types and project workflow, are outlined. Advice on adoption strategy is reviewed, such as the phased introduction of BIM workstations and expectations for cost control and ROI on preferred, higher-end systems.

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