Five new sensor-activated faucets address customer requests

Sloan has launched a new platform of sensor-activated faucets that emphasizes faucet functionality, interchangeable componentry, and improved serviceability. The BASYS platform features five modular, advanced function faucets that meet the divergent demands of specifiers, customers, and maintenance professionals and can be used in any commercial application.

“We developed the BASYS series following two years of in-the-field research with our customers,” says Kirk Allen, President and CEO of Sloan. “We observed and listened to what the market wanted, and made sure that it included the features and functionality that would address their needs.”

The concept is built on a robust system of shared features and components. The faucet platform offers simplified service with above-deck access and advanced features such as a full stream aerated water flow and selectable operational modes.

“Interchangeability of components is a key part of BASYS because this simplifies orders, upgrades, maintenance and repairs,” explains Rick Nortier, Faucet Product Line Manager for Sloan. “Along with this interchangeability, customers can choose many options in terms of power sources, including a new turbine power-harvesting technology, faucet body types, operational displays, and more.”

The line includes:

* Five body types: Four deck-mounted faucets of different heights and one wall-mounted model.

* Three spray modules: Low-flow multi-stream laminar (0.5 gpm), as well as full stream aerated and laminar models (1.5 gpm)—which provide options to adjust flow rate and feel of water. The full, wide water stream presentation is unlike any other sensor faucet.

* Two sensing technologies: Active infrared and capacitance sensing.

* Four crowns: The interchangeable, removable crown, or top surface, of the faucet provides options for either a smooth surface, or offer advanced features such as embedded solar panels, or an LCD display.  Displays provide users with wash times and water temperatures. Because the crowns are interchangeable, owners can switch to a new crown that would offer solar or the LCD display.

* Four power choices: Battery power, hardwire, solar power, and a new turbine power harvesting option cover every power requirement in new construction and renovation.

Key benefits:

* Installation simplified: Sloan continues its tradition of above-deck electronics with BASYS. The faucets come complete with all electronics in the spout and the water lines attached, enabling a complete and secure installation in minutes.

* Easy to service: Diagnosing the problem is made easier with separate indicator lights for battery and solenoid.  In addition, the smart design includes one simple tool for service as well as enabling water shut off with a rotation of the solenoid caddy.   

* Energy efficiency: Battery service life easily exceeds three years in the most demanding conditions using standard, affordable alkaline batteries. Upgrading to a solar-powered crown is simple and will increase battery service life up to the seven-year shelf life.

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