First quarter 2014 LEED rating system addenda now available

There are 71 new LEED Interpretations, including 65 for Homes and Multifamily Midrise.

January 16, 2014 |

January 1st quarterly addenda to the LEED rating systems and reference guides are now available. There are 71 new LEED Interpretations (10292, 10298—10367), including 65 for Homes and Multifamily Midrise (1003—10367).

Here are some highlights:

• Demonstrating compliance for LEED O+M: Existing Buildings SSc8: Light Pollution Reduction by following values listed in LEED BD+C: New Construction SSc8: Light Pollution Reduction;

• Applying ASHRAE Interpretation ASHRAE/IES IC 90.1-2007 - baseline pump power;

• Expanding the definition of renewable energy sources to include specified wood waste;

• Calculating building-level diversion rates for individual building projects on a campus;

• Including biodegradable/compostable trash can liners in purchases for IEQc3.3: Green Cleaning—Purchase of Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials;

• Determining connectivity measures for projects with circulation on several different levels;

• Receiving credit for advanced air sealing strategy.

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