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Finders Keepers

Personal dashboard helps users organize precast projects and ideas

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December 05, 2018 |
SketchBoard screen

As a building professional, it’s not uncommon to spend hours searching for answers and inspiration. Sites like Pinterest allow users to earmark and save project photos, links, technical resources and articles for future reference – guaranteeing that the things you find will be in one place.

With a site like Pinterest, however, users can’t always be guaranteed that the desired information is available, accurate or reliable. With thousands of potential search results, finding the information you need can seem like digging for the proverbial needle in a haystack. A simple search for precast concrete will return results about sinks, fences, culverts, planters, countertops, and stairs in addition to wall panels.

Fabcon Precast has developed a solution for users looking to save and organize information specifically about precast wall systems. Virtually anything on the Fabcon web site – products, images, case studies and more – can now be saved to a personal dashboard called SketchBoard.


“I think it’s difficult for people to get their head around just how pervasive and diverse precast buildings are,” says Fabcon regional sales manager Dave Stanton. “Our site shows some fantastic examples of great organizations using precast to move their businesses forward; SketchBoard gives architects and building owners a way to tuck away a few ideas and save them for later.”

Of all the content available on the Fabcon website, the most-saved content items are exterior finish options, project images and case studies. And the list of resources available on the site is robust - including product details, performance specifications, testing certifications and whitepapers.

“When we redesigned our online experience, we wanted to do more than talk about us—we wanted to add value,” said Joy Svoboda, marketing manager at Fabcon. “By giving users a way to easily retain and revisit the things they found most useful and inspiring, we can finally do more than just give information. We can help our customers put it to good use.”


In just its first year, SketchBoard has already attracted more than 500 subscribers. Students and architects make up the lion’s share of current users, but developers as a group are not far behind. As the technology evolves, Fabcon anticipates more content will be savable to SketchBoard and more features will become available.

“We’re excited to see how things evolve,” added Svoboda. “We’re hard at work developing additional features and functionality. Creating group boards and sharing content, for example, are two ideas we’re pursuing.” 

You can experience Fabcon’s SketchBoard at

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