Experimental bot transfers CAD plans onto construction sites

Inventor hopes to use technology to reduce human error on job sites.

April 23, 2014 |
Archibot, by Han Seok Nam courtesy ArchDaily

Imagine a robot, something like a combination Roomba vac and magic marker, that could translate complex construction drawings onto the ground, leaving an error-free map for building crews to follow.

This is the dream of South Korean architectural designer Han Seok Nam, as reported in ArchDaily. Dubbed "Archibot," the unit is intended to take technical data and translate it into full-scale physical markings on construction sites. If the device works as planned, errors that arise from human interpretation of drawings would be eliminated.

Han Seok Nam is still putting together his tech team, according to the ArchDaily report.

The inventor has posted a video showing how such a device might work:


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