Eventscape E202 fabric scrim system

February 01, 2008 |
  Architect A.J. Wilder designed star-shaped fabric scrims to help dress up the elevator lobby at the L.A. Center Studios office in Los Angeles. Colorful light, graphics, and images are projected onto the scrims to add further splash to the otherwise white, mundane walls.  

C omposed of a custom-blended textile, E202 fabric is used by Toronto-based fabric structure fabricator Eventscape Inc. to create a variety of decorative and functional scrim systems for both interior and exterior architectural applications. Scrims can be framed in any number of ways and can be used as wall art, space dividers, and to wrap columns.

A.J. Wilder, AIA, LEED AP, managing principal with Wolcott Architecture + Interiors, Culver City, Calif., specified custom scrim systems from Eventscape for the elevator lobby at the L.A. Center Studios office in Los Angeles. More than 50 yards of E202 fabric were stretched and mounted onto the plain, white walls in star-shaped forms onto which colorful light and pictures are projected.

Why A.J. Wilder specifieS E202 fabric scrims:

“Scrim gives us a lot of flexibility. We can use it to create spatial separation or as wall art to add visual interest to a mundane piece of architecture. We’ve even wrapped steel columns so that it looks as if the columns are morphed.”

“It’s an extremely cost-effective solution, especially for space separation applications. At a minimum, scrim is a third of the cost of drywall construction and a just fraction of the cost of traditional workstation and furniture systems.”

“There are many ways to make scrim stand out. You can backlight it, project light and images onto it, and print on it. And it allows owners to change the look of the space entirely down the road.”

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