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Essential protection for businesses

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Essential protection for businesses

Custom protective barriers help keep essential business employees safe.

By David Malone, Associate Editor | July 13, 2020
Coffee kiosk with protective barriers

All images courtesy Voila Creative Studio

As more and more businesses begin to open back up to the public over the coming weeks, they are going to be searching for ways to protect both their employees and their customers.

Social distancing, masks, and limiting the amount of people in the stores will likely continue for a while, but other solutions are starting to appear. 

For example, Voila! Creative Studio, a custom design and fabrication studio in Los Angeles, has started designing and producing custom protective polycarbonate barriers for essential businesses to help provide a safer environment for employees and patrons.

The barriers are designed with smooth edges and rounded corners for public safety and a base of either aluminum or finished wood for support. Each shield is laser cut, making customization options, such as adding or moving openings or etching a company's logo onto the barrier, simple.


Protective barrier in a coffee shopBarriers from Voila! Creative Studio are available in single-, double-, and three-sided models with multiple width, height, and depth preset options.


The polycarbonate shield is different from many acrylic and clear PVC barriers currently in use in that it is stronger, more durable, and has better optical characteristics, according to Voila! Creative Studio. Both the polycarbonate shield and the base are scratch- and mildew-resistant and can stand up to frequent cleanings with common cleaning products while maintaining optimal transparency.

Voila!’s barriers also come with easily configurable sizing standards based on the typical height of a sales counter and the average eye level for employees and customers. The barriers are available in single-, double-, and three-sided models with multiple width, height, and depth preset options. 

Mounting options include adhesive, suction cups, and pre-drilled holes in the base to secure directly to a counter or surface. 

Additionally, the barriers can be delivered fully assembled or in a kit-of-parts. An easy assembly option is available to allow businesses to put up and take down the barriers as needed.

Whether a temporary solution or the new normal, the barriers provide an extra layer of protection in retail spaces as the world begins to lurch back into motion.

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