The Endless City: Skyscraper concept connects all floors with dual ramps

The project received first place in the 2014 Organic Skyscraper competition.

August 11, 2014 |
Renderings courtesy of SURE Architecture

The Endless City is a new skyscraper concept from London-based SURE Architecture that proposes exactly what it says on the tin: a building that is not an enclosure within the larger space of a city, but a continuation of that city.

Two ramps extend throughout the entire building, connecting all the floors in one continuous run, Architecture Lab reports. The project received first place in the 2014 Organic Skyscraper competition, held by SuperSkyScrapers.

"Rather than superimposing one floor on top of another without real continuity, our project is thought of as two endless ramps, rising gradually with a low gradient from the ground floor to the sky," said the architects in a statement. "There is no break anywhere; neither between the street level and the skyscraper, nor between the skyscraper floors themselves." 

When people enter the building, they will be greeted by continuous spatial concentrations, and the places where their eyes land will be guided by the architecture. In other words, the design is trying to change how people interact with both the architecture and each other. 

The ramps that extend throughout the skyscraper are irregular and lead to many different areas, such as commercial zones, technology zones, parks, auditoriums, and quiet areas. Multiple plazas, each with their own atmosphere, are meant to create high levels of pedestrian movement throughout the tower. 

The shape of the building is meant to minimize artificial lighting, ventilation, and cooling needs. 


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