Easy net-zero energy buildings [infographic]

"Be a Zero Hero" infographic educates building industry professionals on ultra energy-efficient structural insulated panel construction

May 14, 2013 |

As architects and contractors look for ways to develop energy-efficient buildings, Premier SIPS by Insulfoam offer an engaging infographic on how to achieve more airtight, well-insulated structures. The "Be a Zero Hero" infographic (see below) highlights how structural insulated panel construction is 15 times more air tight and offers 47% greater insulation performance than traditional stick framing.

"One thing that surprises many people we speak with, is how affordable net-zero energy construction can be," said Joe Pasma, technical director for Premier SIPS. "The methods exist today and are often straightforward and cost effective, whether for homes, apartments, schools or other institutional and commercial buildings. We wanted to create an easy-to-share graphic that inspires and educates building professionals on uses of available technologies for reducing heating and cooling costs."




Be A Zero Hero: A Simple and Fast Way to Energy Efficient Buildings - An infographic by the Structural Insulated Panels team at PremierSIPs.

About Premier SIPs by Insulfoam

Premier SIPS by Insulfoam leads the construction industry in the research, development and manufacturing of high-performance, energy-efficient structural insulated panels (SIPs) and related materials. As one of North America's largest SIP manufacturers, the company is a leader in working with design professionals, contractors and code officials on innovative SIP applications. For more information about Premier SIPS, call (800) 275-7086 or visit their website.

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