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Draft of 2016 version of the LOD Specification has been released for public comment

Draft of 2016 version of the LOD Specification has been released for public comment

The comment period is open until Sept. 23.

By BIMForum | September 12, 2016

The BIMForum has released a draft of the 2016 version of the LOD Specification for public comment – it can be downloaded from http://BIMForum.org/LOD.  The comment period will remain open until 9/23 - please send comments to LOD@bimforum.org.  Comments from the industry are a vital part of the process of maintaining and enhancing the usefulness of this document and are greatly appreciated.

Updates to the 2016 version include:

·         New sections:

o   Railroad Bridge Steel

o   Railroad Bridge Precast

·         The Attribute Tables in Part II have been expanded and reformatted for clarity

·         Omniclass and Masterformat references have been added to Part I

·         All definitions in Part I were reviewed and edited for consistency

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