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Digital twin applications: 7 steps to a better-managed jobsite

Automated progress monitoring and optimizing equipment usage are among the potential applications for digital twin technology on construction jobsites.

March 15, 2019 |
Digital twin applications: 7 steps to a better-managed jobsite

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“What if we could have instant access to all the information about a construction site, down to the smallest detail about every person, tool, and bolt?”

That’s a question asked, and answered, in a blog authored in January 2018 by software development firm Intellectsoft. The post presents digital twin as a concept that can make this wish come true, and lays out seven possible real-time digital applications on construction sites:

1] Automated progress monitoring, which would verify that the completed work is consistent with plans and specifications. An automated means of data collection and comparison would produce models less susceptible to human error.


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2] Tracking changes in as-built models, as often as hourly. Detecting discrepancies would lead to an analysis of historical modeling data, which a project manager could use to make changes to avoid future mistakes, and fix problems earlier in the project.

3] Automatic resource allocation monitoring and waste tracking, allowing for predictive approaches to resource management.

4] Safety monitoring by using digital twin to track people and hazardous places in real time.

5] Quality assessment, such as checking the condition of materials like concrete, coatings, and finishes through image processing algorithms, which could trigger additional inspections.

6] Optimizing equipment usage through advanced imaging and automatic tracking.

7] Monitoring and tracking workers, which would require a digital record of all personnel and their locations within the jobsite. This information could be  used by rescue teams in the event of an emergency.

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