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Custom-Engineered Agriculture Facilities Bring Style and Function

A custom-engineered metal building from Star Building Systems is designed and built to handle all your agricultural needs. Compatible with any conventional exterior, our buildings provide the energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs that make a difference – whether you are building to house equipment, animals, feed or more. 

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August 31, 2020 |

The most prominent need and critical factor in the success of an agriculture-based business is a building. Learn more.

Working farms and ranches need facilities that can stand up to corrosive animal waste, hot summers, harsh winters and provide proper storage for equipment, livestock, feed and more. Metal buildings provide numerous advantages to the agricultural marketplace with their many uses – and benefits. They meet typical industry standards of maximum storage space, maneuverability and protection. Star Building Systems has been providing custom-engineered metal building systems to the agriculture industry for years. Star buildings are also compatible with any conventional exterior, allowing for customized aesthetic designs that stand up to the wear and tear of their environments. 


Cobalt Stables combined horse stables and training facilities with a human residence – all under one roof. Learn more.


Benefits to the Agricultural Industry


Durability: Your agriculture building is an investment – it needs to work now, and for decades to come. Metal buildings are sturdier than traditional buildings, withstanding harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy snow, thunderstorms and extreme temperatures. They are also NOT susceptible to the same type of damage that wood buildings endure, such as termite, carpenter ant or other insect damage. 

Efficiency: Steel buildings provide an enormous amount of storage space, depending upon needs, for supplies, animals, feed and equipment, also allowing for a multitude of interior options for aisles, horse stalls or even additional rooms. Star routinely designs agricultural and livestock facilities that include light transmitting panels and lofts for added storage space. Our design approach allows for high ceilings, helping to promote proper ventilation to clear the air of dust and mold in bedding, hay and feed. 

Low Maintenance: Overall, metal buildings require less maintenance than buildings constructed with traditional materials. This allows building owners to save money throughout the life of the building, reducing operating budgets.

Fire Resistance: Steel provides a non-flammable and non-combustible material and compared to wood, it is eligible for various construction types under different building codes. 

Cost Effectiveness: High operating costs for a farm or ranch means that saving on long-term expenditures is an important part of making efficient construction choices. Star buildings are custom engineered and designed to meet all requirements, as well as local building codes. Future maintenance and energy cost considerations receive major attention and performance-proved quality materials used in the manufacturing process insure savings on future upkeep and maintenance costs. 

Clear Spans: Maneuvering large and cumbersome equipment can be tricky if your structure is not able to fully accommodate varying machinery sizes. Wood-framed buildings and steel arch-style structures are limited in their structural widths and wood pole barns require interior columns to support the structural load. Custom-engineered metal buildings are strong – and can span up to 300’ in width without interior columns. This is a huge benefit for large livestock buildings, indoor or covered arenas and product storage shelters. 

Design and Customization Options: Depending upon the operation, buildings will need to be customized – and Star Building Systems excels in customization. Different agriculture structures will require different doorways. Some may need overhead doors, personnel doors or windows. Floors may be dirt, gravel, asphalt, concrete, brick, rubber brick or mats, accommodating any special drainage requirements that may be needed for efficient building use. Recessed spaces the in the aisles for water faucets, easy to clean wall finishes and maximum roof lighting are all features that a Star building can easily accommodate. 

Environmentally Friendly: Farmers and ranchers know what it means to work and respect the land. Focus is on sustainability and being a good steward of the environment. Steel is the most recycled material in the world and Star’s metal buildings are produced with materials that are 99% recyclable. Sun reflective color options are also available for roof panels in order to minimize the absorption of heat into the building. 

Mitigate Livestock Corrosion: Animal waste creates a highly aggressive environment, fostering corrosion that can damage steel wall and roof panels, despite their durability and strengths. However, Star buildings have been found to successfully mitigate these challenges by using a combination of smart building designs, incorporating proper ventilation into the building and having the correct corrosion-resistant materials included on their wall and roof panels. 


Housing livestock can be a challenge to the integrity of a building; however, with Star, that challenge can be met. Learn more.


Livestock and agricultural buildings from Star Building Systems offer optimal efficiency and performance. With nearly a century of experience and over 300,000 satisfied customers, the Star buildings team can provide information about site selection, topographic conditions and interior & exterior design to meet any long-term objective, no matter the size or scope of the project. To learn more about how Star Building Systems can help you become a leader in the metal building industry, visit

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