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CRE professionals have increased interest in embodied carbon accounting, smart buildings

Survey also shows that interest in resiliency lags behind.

January 02, 2020 |

Courtesy Pixabay

Interest in embodied carbon accounting and smart buildings is growing among commercial real estate professionals, according to a recent survey by the STO Building Group.

There is increasing momentum to account for carbon emissions, with 52% of those surveyed understanding embodied carbon—the carbon dioxide emitted during the manufacture, transport, and construction of building materials—together with end-of-life emissions. Forty eight percent will require embodied carbon accounting on future projects.

Smart building technologies are perceived to help with building efficiency. Nearly half of respondents say that one-quarter or fewer of the buildings in their portfolios are “intelligent” buildings. But, 60% plan to incorporate sensors and technologies into their projects to track sustainability measures during the next two years.

Resilience continues to lag behind other concerns. More respondents to this year’s survey (58% in 2019 vs. 45% in 2018) acknowledge that industry standards for resilient building are not adequate. But, only 42% plan to seek external expertise. 

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