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Coverings releases top 2024 tile trends


Coverings releases top 2024 tile trends

The chosen tile trends showcase the diverse possibilities of ceramic tile in indoor and outdoor design, from beauty to durability.

By Coverings | February 23, 2024
Patagonia manufactured by Grupo Lamosa tile trends 2024
Patagonia manufactured by Grupo Lamosa tile trends 2024

In celebration of National Tile Day, Coverings, North America's leading tile and stone exhibition, has announced the top 10 tile trends for 2024. These trendsetting styles offer a glimpse into the innovative and exciting tile designs shaping the industry.

This year's trends were chosen by Coverings' sponsors and international tile associations, highlighting the most sought-after looks from across the globe. The chosen styles showcase the diverse possibilities of ceramic tile, from sustainability and durability to beauty and endless design potential. These trend forecasts will be on display at the upcoming Coverings show in Atlanta, April 22-25, 2024.

Top Tile Trends of 2024 Unveiled by Coverings

The following 10 tile trends of 2024 are summarized in alphabetical order:

1. Architectonic

With tile being a historically integral part of buildings, it is no surprise that architecture is a muse for tile manufacturers. Ceramic brands are partnering with industry designer heavyweights to put their own creative stamps on the classic material, while others are inspired by historic buildings and architectural details, from stained glass to Byzantine cut mosaics.

Marca Corona Scultorea tile trends 2024
Architectonic 2024 tile trend. Pictured: Scultorea, manufactured by Marca Corons. All photos courtesy Coverings
Marvel Meraviglia Diamond decor by Zaha Hadid tile trends 2024
Pictured: Marvel Meraviglia Diamond decor by Zaha Hadid, manufactured by Atlas Concorde
Italian Landscape by 23Bassi tile trend 2024
Pictured: Windy by Nendo, manufactured by Decoratori Bassanesi

2. Beyond Realism

When texture, sheen and reflectivity with color can be digitally manipulated, it is not only possible to recreate anything through ceramics, it is also easy. Modern tile production is at a stage where artistic expression knows no bounds, even when taking on a natural reproduction. The layers of detail that are possible with printing techniques evokes truly visceral experiences. The ability to create fine variances in decorative adornments allows for a ceramicist to play with the characteristics of different substances or introduce other elements of interest in tile.

Cacto Ceramica Da Vinci tile trends 2024
Beyond Realism 2024 tile trend. Pictured: Cacto, manufactured by Ceramica Da Vinci. All photos courtesy Coverings
Kintsugi by Cerámica Aparici tile trend 2024
Pictured: Kintsugi, manufactured by Cerámica Aparici
Fantasy by Porcelanicos HCD tile trend 2024
Pictured: Fantasy, manufactured by Porcelanicos HDC

3. Contempo Concrete

To complement the raw beauty of contemporary architecture, designers are giving us fresh interpretations of modern cement in porcelain format. Exquisitely colored and perfectly sized aggregates give these designs a handcrafted concrete look and feel. Beautifully brutalist and understatedly elegant, these creative concrete looks embody modernity, sophistication and the bustling tapestry of urban living.

Klastos, Dark Grey tile trend 2024
Contempo Concrete 2024 tile trend. Pictured: Klastos in Dark Grey, manufactured by Stonepeak Ceramics. All photos courtesy Coverings
LAB by Portobello America, Inc. tile trend 2024
Pictured: LAB, manufactured by Portobello America, Inc.
Klastos, Beige by Stonepeak Ceramics tile trend
Pictured: Klastos in Beige, manufactured by Stonepeak Ceramics

4. Organic Grandeur

Innovative glazing technology paired with inspiration from rare natural materials give us surfaces so stunning, you’ll lose your gaze in them. Enhancing effects of light and reflectivity are reproduced in luminous finishes, giving the beauty and depth of marble with the durability of porcelain in color ranges wider than those of natural stone.

Patagonia tile trend 2024
Organic Grandeur 2024 tile trend. Pictured: Patagonia, manufactured by Grupo Lamosa. All photos courtesy Coverings
Onx Style Porcelain tile trend 2024
Pictured: Onx² Style Porcelain, manufactured by Wonder Porcelain
Dolomita tile trend
Pictured: Dolomita, manufactured by Grupo Lamosa

5. Porcelain Panels Panache

The world is witnessing and embracing the availability of production-ready versions of full-body porcelain panels. This achievement signifies a momentous milestone as it fulfills a longstanding request from fabricators and specifiers since the mainstream adoption and installation of large-format tiles. These full-body pieces offer the remarkable qualities of heat, stain and scratch resistance, while being sustainable and free from toxic chemicals.

What’s more, manufacturers are turning up the volume on this trend with the look, style and allure of natural stone, spanning many collections mimicking the world's rarest marble and showcasing evocative amalgamations with bright colors and luminous veins. Distinguishing them from vying materials is their capacity to be worked with, using traditional fabrication techniques, making them a cost-effective and versatile choice for exceptional architecture and design applications.

Indah by Vitacer 2024 tile trend
Porcelain Panels Panache 2024 tile trend. Pictured: Indah, manufactured by Vitacer. All photos courtesy Coverings
Grandiosa 2024 tile trend
Pictured: Grandiosa, manufactured by Vallelunga & Co.
Gemstone Versace Ceramics tile trend 2024
Pictured: Gemstone, manufactured by Versace Ceramics

6. Seeking Balance

When balance and complementary interactions are fleeting, tile makers look to the birthplace of yin-yang and wabi-sabi for inspiration. While we see ample textile designs translated into ceramic renditions, there is one standout repeated by many this year, "stick mosaics.” Manufacturers are offering their take on this classic Japanese porcelain style, enhancing new lines with gracefully flowing pottery glazes. The appeal of fragmented pieces lies in the delicate interplay between precise straight lines and a gracefully undulating imperfect charm of the coatings.

Karatsu 2024 tile trend
Seeking Balance 2024 tile trend. Pictured: Karatsu, manufactured by Estudio Ceramico. All photos courtesy Coverings
Soldeu tile trends 2024
Pictured: Soldeu, manufactured by Bestile
Twin Peaks tile trends 2024
Pictured: Twin Peaks. manufactured by WOW DESIGN

7. Set in Stone

These looks draw inspiration from the magnificent beauty of the Earth's ancient geological past. Masterpieces of nature, like limestone, bluestone and slate, are represented with such precision and include characteristics like veining, coal lines and visible fossils. The visual richness of their textures, nuances and details are maintained and paired with the practicality of ceramic.

Bluestone by Landmark Ceramics tile trend
Set in Stone 2024 tile trend. Pictured: Bluestone, manufactured by Landmark Ceramics. All photos courtesy Coverings
Beljin by Crossville tile trend 2024
Pictured: Beljin, manufactured by Crossville, Inc.
Norian tile trend
Pictured: Norian, manufactured by Portobello America, Inc

8. Tactile Renaissance

Tile manufacturers are wholeheartedly embracing the infusion of rich textures throughout new ceramic collections. As architects and designers explore a growing interest in outfitting built environments in raw and rugged materials, the incorporation of tangible surfaces enables one to adequately interact with and navigate a space. Tiles impressed with deep grooves, subtle fluting, billowing curves and scored strokes are meant to be experienced both visually and physically.

Lens by Realonda 2024 tile trend
Tactile Renaissance 2024 tile trend. Pictured: Lens, manufactured by Realonda. All photos courtesy Coverings
Delta by Realonda tile trends
Pictured: Delta, manufactured by Realonda
Nobile tile trend
Pictured: Nobile, manufactured by Azulejos Benadresa

9. The Third Dimension

Ceramic tile companies are looking to the third dimension as the next frontier of design. New collections feature a plethora of 3D tiles from fluted and protruding surfaces to reliefs with explosive patterns. As manufacturers work toward producing tiles that look and feel like natural stone, marble prints are now paired with low relief veining for an incredibly realistic appearance.

Dinamika by Ceramica del Conca tile trend
The Third Dimension 2024 tile trend. Pictured: Dinamika, manufactured by Ceramica del Conca. All photos courtesy Coverings
Play by Ceramica Bardelli trend
Pictured: Play, manufactured by Ceramica Bardelli
Segni on Pigmenti tile trends
Pictured: Segni on Pigmenti, manufactured by Lea Ceramiche

10. Trompe L’oeil

From misty forests to overlapping sheets of corrugated metal, tile manufacturers are producing a range of mind-blowing optical illusion effects on porcelain. Given the technical benefits of porcelain, designers can use these digitally printed tiles to their advantage, creating a shower that appears to be enclosed by billowy drapes or the floors of a spa covered in grooved wood-look planks.

Alchymie tile trends 2024
Trompe L’oeil 2024 tile trend. Pictured: Alchymie, manufactured by Naxos. All photos courtesy Coverings
Lamatière tile trends 2024
Pictured: Lamatière, manufactured by Panaria Ceramica
Art Walls tile trends
Pictured: Art Walls, manufactured by Flaviker

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