Construction permits exceeded $2 billion in Minneapolis in 2014

Two major projects are driving commercial and residential building activity. 

January 06, 2015 |
Photo: Jdkoenig via Wikimedia Commons

Minneapolis achieved a construction milestone in 2014, when for the first time it issued $2 billion in new building permits in a single year. 

The Star Tribune reports that two major projects—a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings NFL team and the city’s Downtown East redevelopment—accounted for about half of the total worth of the permits issued. About one third of the total permits issued were for more than 2,000 housing units, the vast majority of which will be multifamily dwellings. 

More than 65% of the new permits were issued for projects in Minneapolis’s Ward 3, which encompasses the North Loop, Downtown East, the downtown riverfront, and northeast Minneapolis. 

Doug Kress, the city’s director of development services, told the Star Tribune that the stadium project has sparked development in the surrounding areas. “There’s a lot of growth in Minneapolis in both downtown and our neighborhoods,” he’s quoted as saying. (Minneapolis ranks 16th as a metropolitan region in population in the U.S., with 3.42 million residents.)

This metro is looking for permit growth to continue in 2015. The Star Tribune reports that at least 10 projects around the city have received land-use approval. And portions of the Vikings stadium and Downtown East projects have yet to be permitted. 

Mayor Betsy Hodges believes the permitting activity is evidence of a vote of confidence that investors, workers, business owners, and residents are giving to the city’s future. “I look forward to building on this momentum as we continue to attract new residences, businesses, and investment,” she told the Star Tribune.

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