ConsensusDocs releases new agreements for contractors who hire consultants

Provide industry standard to reduce need for litigation

ConsensusDocs has released the new ConsensusDocs 746 Constructor & Geotechnical Consultant Agreement and the 747 Constructor & Consultant Agreement. These contracts provide an industry standard for a contractor who wants to retain a consultant on a construction project.

Similar to the ConsensusDocs 246 and 247 (Owner and Consultant Agreements), these constructor and consultant agreements were devised to provide a solid contractual base for a variety of consulting arrangements including: interior design, inspection, industrial hygiene, retrofits, procurement, and others.

The agreements further the ConsensusDocs Coalition's goals of writing fairer contracts to enable better project results with less litigation, while retaining a project-first philosophy. ConsensusDocs are written and endorsed by more than 40 design and construction industry associations.


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