Commercial properties address state carbon-reduction policies

EV charging stations, batteries, and microgrid technology are all part of effort to meet demand for cleaner power.

August 28, 2017 |
Wind turbines and smokestacks

Pixabay Public Domain

Though the federal government may be retreating from carbon-reduction policies, states and cities are moving ahead with some ambitious initiatives.

California, for example, recently extended its Cap-and-Trade Program into 2030. California’s carbon auction is linked to Quebec and may soon include Ontario, which launched a cap-and-trade program earlier this year.

Some commercial property owners, faced with new regulations and increasing demand for greener features, are not only offering more energy efficient structures, but also are adding EV charging stations, onsite battery storage for solar power, and microgrid technology adapted to local renewable energy generation.

Microgid solutions can lead to lower electricity rates, fewer supply disruptions, and less reliance on carbon-emitting back-up-generators.

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