A climber's dream: Rock climbing hall planned near Iran's highest peak

The Polour Rock Climbing Hall will feature more than 48,000 sf of program space, including a massive rock gym. 

January 27, 2014 |
Renderings and plans courtesy New Wave Architecture

Forget the rock climbing wall. A developer in Iran is building a rock climbing hall. That's right, an entire building dedicated to the sport, with more than 48,000 sf of program space.

The Polour Rock Climbing Hall is currently under construction in Polur, near Mount Dam?vand, Iran's highest peak.

Design architect New Wave Architecture drew inspiration from the area's mountainous terrain to create a fragmented, angular form. The faceted makeup of the floor-to-ceiling climbing walls within the facility's main hall is expressed on the exterior, resulting in a dramatic façade that will double as an exterior climbing "boulder." People will actually climb the building—inside and out, according to Archinect

The exterior will be clad in white fiber cement panels to mimic the snow-capped mountains nearby. The structural system will consist of steel moment resisting frames with tubular trusses transmitting the floor loads to the vertical elements. 


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