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Climate adaptation project addresses current and future climate changes in Randers, Denmark

The C.F. Møller-designed project is slated for completion in 2021.

January 17, 2018 |
Stork Meadow

Rendering courtesy C.F. Møller

C.F. Møller recently won a competition to design a new climate project near Randers, Denmark. Storkeengen, or Stork Meadow, is a new landscape project that creates cloudburst and storm flood protection, strengthens urban nature, and brings the town of Vorup, a suburb of Randers, even closer to the Gudenå River.

The project’s main goal is to resolve the city’s current and future climate challenges by converting Stork Meadow into a public nature park that brings the natural delta along the Gudenå River closer to the center of Randers and its residents. The project’s technical climate protection solutions are based on strengthening the nature value and functionality of the wetland meadow. New cloudburst routes through Vorup lead rainwater from roofs, parking lots, and roads to Stork Meadow.


Aerial rendering of Stork MeadowRendering courtesy of C.F. Møller.


The water is then filtered in purification basins designed as natural wetland meadow areas before being deposited into the Gudenå River. A new dyke between Stork Meadow and the Gudenå will ensure good purification and also protect the low-lying parts of Vorup from flooding. Additionally, the dyke will create new pathways between the center of Randers and the nature areas to the west.


A pathway through Stork MeadowRendering courtesy of C.F. Møller.


In an effort to enhance the nature experience, activity plateaus will be created to allow people to experience the wet meadow’s habitat up close. These plateaus make it possible to get close to the area’s grazing cattle, enjoy the sunset, or navigate the Gudenå by canoe. Signage with nature information will also be included throughout the project site.

The project will begin construction in fall 2018 and is slated for completion by 2021. C.F. Møller is working with Randers Vandmiljø, Randers Municipality, and Orbicon on the project.


Stork Meadow will help with flooding due to stormsRendering courtesy of C.F. Møller.


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