December 01, 2005 |

A statement in the article by Rita Schenck ("Why LCA?") in the November White Paper on Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability should have read:

"In the classic example comparing paper bags to plastic bags at the grocery store, plastic bags are more environmentally friendly—sometimes as much as 10 times more friendly—than paper bags."

Thanks to BD&C subscriber Matt Gordon for being the first of several readers to catch this proofreading mistake.

Bernard Tschumi's name was misspelled in an October 2005 story (p. 13) on a $17 million, 16-story residential tower he's designing in Manhattan.

Davenport, Iowa's riverfront revival plan is actually $114 million, not $114, as misstated in our October news story on the Figge Art Museum (p. 8).

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