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CISCA releases new White Paper on acoustics in healthcare environments

St. Charles, IL- The Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA) has released a free extensive white paper “Acoustics in Healthcare Environments” which is an invaluable tool for architects, interior designers, and other design professionals who work to improve healthcare settings for all users. This white paper serves as a comprehensive introduction to the acoustical issues commonly confronted on healthcare projects and how best to address those.

In the healthcare environs, acoustics matter -- many sounds permeate hospital environments, including those from beepers, alarms, and machines, rolling carts, HVAC systems, and conversations and often compromise quality patientcare. These noises can be severely irritating and at times harmful to patients, depending on the state of their health. Acoustic issues in healthcare environments are complex and require a careful, strategic design in order to minimize noise.

“CISCA was compelled to develop this white paper because of the critical role acoustics play in healthcare environments, especially hospitals. CISCA has a great deal to contribute todesign professionals as well as to healthcare professionals and we are proud to publish this white paper as a valuable reference tool,” remarked CISCA Executive Director Shirley Wodynski.

The white paper covers the following issues:

  • Current state of acoustics in healthcare environments
  • Why acoustics matter in healthcare environments
  • Understanding the primary acoustic issues
  • Understanding how acoustics are measured
  • Design strategies for improved acoustic environments
  • General design considerations including materials and finishes
  • Minimizing noise and designing for privacy and confidentiality
  • Neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) and emergency departments
  • Meeting the standards       

Download a copy of the White Paper

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