Check out this tree-like skyscraper concept for vertical farming

Seoul is envisioned as the location for this skyscraper farm. 

July 16, 2014 |
The complex is envisioned with public garden space. Renderings courtesy of April

The concept of vertical farms is well-known and has been played out in a number of different ways. Now, Aprilli Design Studio has stepped forward with a new idea for a vertical farm. 

The concept is intended to resemble a giant tree. It uses lightweight decks as outdoor growing space on a massive skyscraper, Fast Company reports. These decks can provide 24 acres for agriculture, with an indoor hydroponic farm for greens; solar panels and wind turbines would be located on the roof to power the whole undertaking. 

Seoul, South Korea, is envisioned as the location for this skyscraper farm. "It seemed to be an ideal place to test out our prototype since the specific area is very dense and highly active and has been suffering for a long time by all sorts of environmental problems resulting from rapid urbanization," said architects Steve Lee and See Yoon Park.

With its community gardens, park space, and a farmers market, this concept remains just an idea for now. On its future, Lee and Park told Fast Company: "Vertical farming really is not only a great solution to future food shortage problems, but a great strategy to address many environmental problems resulting from urbanization."

Check out project renderings below. All renderings courtesy of Aprilli Design Studio.

Aprilli envisions this vertical farm in the center of downtown Seoul.
Solar panels and wind turbines on the rooftop would power the entire complex.
In the "trunk" of the tree, the concept places a hydroponic garden.
Within the complex, there would be community gardens and a farmers market to provide food to the local community.
The architects have said that the complex could support more than 5,000 fruit trees.
Most of the farming would take places on outdoor decks.
Though well-fleshed out, this concept is still a only a concept.
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