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Carnegie Hall vaults into the 21st century with a $200 million renovation

May 18, 2011 |

Historic Carnegie Hall in New York City is in the midst of a major $200 million renovation that will bring the building up to contemporary standards, increase educational and backstage space, and target LEED Silver. The Studio Towers Renovation Project will add a new 61,000-sf education wing across the upper floors of the South Tower, and will include new ensemble rooms, practice rooms, teaching studios, and a research room for the institution’s archives. Backstage areas will increase from three floors to six, and access to a stage left entrance will be restored. Another addition includes a rooftop terrace, first envisioned by the building’s original architect in 1892, but never added. The project includes iu + Bibliowicz Architects, Auerbach, Pollock, Friedlander (theater designer), and Tishman (CM). Completion is anticipated in 2014.

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