Carbon emissions in cement production threaten GHG reduction goals

Cement is essential to many infrastructure projects that address climate change.

July 10, 2018 |

While infrastructure projects such as hydroelectric and wind power farms are seen as tools to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the production process for an essential material for these projects—cement—is itself a major carbon polluter.

The cement industry is the second-largest industrial emitter of carbon after the steel industry. For cement manufacturers to lower emissions, they would have to either develop a whole new material or invest in carbon-capture systems.

To date, the industry seems to be unwilling or unable to finance the research needed to develop a low-cost, low-carbon alternative to cement. There are some researchers developing new cement formulas that use less calcium, which would lower pollution.

A carbon tax may be the best way to spur cement producers to reduce GHG emissions, some believe.

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