Car sharing popularity means parking zoning and codes may be promoting overbuilding of garages

Some designers look to modular designs in anticipation of alternate uses.

June 08, 2017 |

Pixabay Public Domain

Ride sharing services are growing more popular and autonomous vehicles may be on the horizon. These developments may mean a surplus of parking garage space is on the horizon, if fewer people own their own vehicles in the future.

Most cities and counties are not modifying their parking requirements on new developments in light of these trends, though. Some designers, however, are taking them into account on new developments.

Gensler, for instance, came up with a conceptual design of a hypothetical Los Angeles building named “The MOD.” It is meant to slowly transition from a structure dedicated to cars to one that services people.

The design features raised floor heights, level floors between ramps, knockout panels and modular sections making walls and ceilings easily removable. This would allow light and circulation between levels. The structure could be outfitted with utility hookups to prepare them for future workspace or retail uses.

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