Capital One adds coffee shops to bank locations

Several cities opened or are planning Capital One Cafes where customers can buy a latte and make a checking deposit.

July 14, 2016 |
Capital One adds coffee shops to bank locations

Capital One Cafe in San Francisco. Photo: kennejima/Creative Commons.

That interest you made on your savings account last year might be enough to buy a cup of coffee.

If you bank with Capital One you won’t need to go too far.

The national credit card and online bank company has opened Capital One Cafes in several cities, including Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia. Chicago already has one cafe, and two more are coming by 2017, according to the Chicago Tribune. South Florida might get as many as six bank-cafes by the end of next year.

The banks offer checking, savings, and credit card services, with ATMs on site. The cafes have free Wi-Fi and sell Peet’s coffee and baked goods from local pastry shops. Visitors can speak with banking associates and check out banking services if they are so inclined. The cafes are open to non-Capital One customers as well.

Major banks are getting creative in efforts to draw customers and improve business in brick-and-mortar locations.

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