The Dow Corning Project Management System

Why risk your reputation? Build with confidence using the Dow Corning Project Management System. Improve Efficiency, save time, ensure quality.…

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50+ Years of Proven Silicone Performance

In the 1950s and 1960s, Dow Corning was a pioneer of technologies that opened the eyes of architects to a new way of designing and realizing pure…

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Moisture Solutions

Silicone Sealants – 50 Plus Year Campaign

Video featuring silicone sealants including interviews with the legends and experts of the industry.  

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Dow Performance Silicones Campus

Dow Performance Silicones is a global leader in the development of silicon-based materials for façade construction. As the boundaries of architectural opportunity extend, Dow‘s innovative solutions make a significant contribution toward optimizing the performance of modern architecture. Our silicone solutions for high performance façades are expansive to meet different needs and local performance requirements.