California Energy Commission launches code upgrade process

Lighting, envelopes, heating and cooling efficiency improvements under consideration

October 03, 2014 |
Photo: Dcoetzee via Wikimedia Commons

The California Energy Commission launched the upgrade process to Title 24, the state energy code, last month.

The commission is proposing to make Title 24 equivalent to ASHRAE 90.1-2013, a national model code. This change would impact efficiency requirements for commercial projects on lighting, building envelopes, and HVAC. The new standards for new construction and major renovations are expected to take effect in 2017.

Portions of the code also pertain to residential projects. In total, the changes could save an estimated 195.3 gigawatt-hours in the first year the standards are implemented, reducing emissions equivalent to those produced by 28,000 cars.

This update will lay the groundwork for meeting California’s Zero Net Energy (ZNE) goals. By 2030, all new nonresidential construction will have to be ZNE. New residential construction will have to meet that standard by 2020.


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